From the very beginning, the ERBUD Industry Group has made all efforts to ensure that the services we provide are at the highest level and meet the rigorous quality requirements.
Through our actions we aim at the achievement of full confidence of our Customers, Employees, Suppliers and the environment as a fully reliable service provider. The operations of the ERBUD Industry is, of course, related with interference in respective environmental components, hence care for the environment is one of the strategic goals of the Company. We also attach great importance to compliance with Occupational Health and Safety rules, which results in a very low ratio of accidents at work. We work in a team and task-oriented manner: each employee has a real impact on the success through participation in the decision-making process and in the very activities.
Application of standard guidelines or development of an Integrated Management System guarantee that all processes are monitored in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, improved and adjusted to the continuously changing market and process conditions and to the changing customer requirements.
The Management System Policy is implemented through:

  • Construction of facilities and service for the power industry and execution of process projects meeting the requirements in terms of quality, environmental protection and Occupational Health and Safety;
  • Meeting the legal requirements and keeping information confidential;
  • Continuous monitoring of the efficiency and effectiveness of all processes and their adjustment to the changing market and process conditions;
  • Raising Employee qualifications and shaping their awareness in the scope of responsibility for the environment and safety and quality of performed work;
  • Partnership cooperation with suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Aiming at reduction of threats and risks at work stations;
  • Efficient and economical management of natural resources, utilities and conducting a rational waste management which is safe for the environment;
  • Reduction and prevention of pollution emission into the environment;
  • Meeting the requirements of factory production and quality control in welding;
  • Adherence to the guidelines of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

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ul. Puszkina 78, 92-516 Łódź, PL

NIP: 728-10-03-292

tel.: +48 42 677 23 00

fax: +48 42 649 18 04



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