Erbud Industry Centrum offers comprehensive services in the field of:

  • service and maintenance of power/industrial systems and equipment,
  • overhauls and retrofits of power/industrial systems and equipment, including steam and water boilers, cogeneration turbine and industrial water heaters, heat exchangers, chemical water treatment equipment, turbine control systems and oil systems for turbine generator units, pump stations and lift stations,
  • overhauls and retrofits of facilities, networks and switching stations in the electrical and C&I part,
  • overhauls and retrofits of steam and water district heating networks,
  • vibroacoustic diagnostics of machines and equipment, determination of the dynamic properties of the tested equipment based on the computer analysis of bearing housing vibrations, laser alignment of assembly shafts,
  • non-destructive and destructive testing of steam and water boiler components, pipelines and turbines and other technical devices,
  • overhauls and retrofits of compact heat distribution units,
  • workshop and welding works.

The company holds the following certificates:

  • Integrated Quality Management System compliant with: PN-EN ISO 9001; PN-EN ISO 14001; PN-N-18001;
  • PN-EN ISO 3834-2 – welding process management starting from engineering through all product manufacturing phases;
  • PN-EN 1090 – certified system of factory production control for execution of steel elements of civil engineering structures in EXC1÷3 classes (as per PN-EN 1090-2) allowing their marketing on the EU market and CE labeling of the products, pursuant to Regulation No. 305/2011 (CPR);
  • EU compliance – meeting the requirements of module A2 of Directive 2014/68/EU regarding manufacturing of pressure equipment and pressure equipment assemblies;
  • Certificate for eligibility for Group I of Large Plants – allowing the execution of welding works in the scope of engineering, erection and renovation of welded steel structures of class 1, 2 and 3 as per PN-M-69008;
  • Acknowledgment Certificate of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) for the Technical Testing Laboratory.

The company holds Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) licenses to:

  • Manufacture within the scope of erection of: pressureless tanks and low pressure tanks, transmission pipelines and transmission pipelines for toxic or caustic materials or flammable liquid materials;
  • Perform: repairs and retrofits of steam boilers, water boilers, fixed pressure tanks, pressureless tanks and low-pressure tanks for toxic or flammable liquid or caustic materials, transmission pipelines and transmission pipelines for toxic or caustic materials or flammable liquid materials, steam pipelines connecting the boiler with the turbine generator;
  • Manufacture: pressureless tanks and low-pressure tanks for toxic or caustic materials;
  • Perform repairs, retrofits of cranes and lifting equipment;
  • Manufacture of cranes and lifting equipment components.
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ul. Klimczaka 1, 02-797 Warszawa

NIP: 879-22-94-552

tel.: +48 22 161 53 00




ul. Podmiejska 71, 44-207 Rybnik

NIP: 625-20-32-451

tel.: +48 723 238 087

fax: +48 32 506 50 75




ul. Puszkina 78, 92-516 Łódź, PL

NIP: 728-10-03-292

tel.: +48 42 677 23 00

fax: +48 42 649 18 04



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